Activities in this division of training are carried out with the objective of developing knowledge, skills and attitudes of the officers in Government and Non - governmental sectors who play a prominent part in the role of national development. Fulfillment of training requirements of these officers who often interact with the community and thereby transforming them to innovative and creative development workers are amongst the main targets of this division. Accordingly, a number of training programmes that are applicable to them are carried out by the Training Division. Training activities of this division are implemented and monitored by a board of resource persons with years of theoretical and practical experience. According to the applications received at this office with respect to the annual training programmes conducted by this institution training programmes are organized and the officers of Government and Non- governmental sectors who are involved in the field of development and the community activists can apply for these training programmes.

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Training Programmes in progress- 2020

Training Programme Objective
Training of Field Officers as Development Mediators for the empowerment of low income families. In order to maximize the community participation in development processes targeting poverty alleviation and social empowerment, improving the knowledge of field officers involved in such programmes. This includes the training capacity development related to main sectors of social mobilization, community based organization management, participatory leadership skills development, household management and family development, use of revolving funds, enterprise development through social mobilization, planning and management of community participatory projects, and micro finance management.
Training and research mediation for farm family empowerment Farmer product development and networking of marketing process through strengthening of 10 farmer organizations of Aranayake Agrarian Services area.
Training programme for creating awareness on family development planning for Samurdhi beneficiaries Through the development of knowledge, attitudes and skills on family development planning within Samurdhi Societies made up of Samurdhi beneficiaries, Samurdhi Small Groups, and leaders living in Yatinuwara Divisional Secretariat Division, involving them in the livelihood development process of Samurdhi beneficiary families.
Use of micro finance strategies for economic development
  • Providing a broad understanding on the vision, principles and main concepts related to micro financing as a development strategy
  • To provide understating on the micro finance operational process
  • Creating an awareness on topical, national and international uses and challenges related to micro finance industry